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Opening Ceremony: Tomas Diaz de la Rubia, Jasmina Vujic, and Harold McFarlane




Plenary Session 1: Global Nuclear Energy Partnership & High Performance Simulation Capabilities


The Global Nuclear Energy Partnership
Dennis Spurgeon


Europe Back in HPC World
Jean Gonnord


Recent Progress of Supercomputing Research in Nuclear Science in Japan
Hideo Kaburaki, Tashiki Tajima




Parallel Oral Session 1A: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Monte Carlo I


A Novel Source Convergence Acceleration Scheme for Monte Carlo Criticality Calculations, Part I: Theory
David P. Griesheimer, Bryan E. Toth


Wielandt Acceleration for MCNP5 Monte Carlo Eigenvalue Calculations
Forrest Brown


Reactor Simulation with Coupled Monte Carlo and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Volkan Seker, Justin W. Thomas, Thomas J. Downar


Information Criteria and Higher Eigenmode Estimation in Monte Carlo Calculations
Brian R. Nease, Taro Ueki


Converting Boundary-Representation Solid Models to Half-Space Representation Models for Monte Carlo Analysis
J.E. Davis, M.J. Eddy, T.M. Sutton, T.J. Altomari




Parallel Oral Session 1B: Computational Medical Applications


A New Electron Energy-Loss Straggling Algorithm in MCNP
Lee T. Harding, Anil K. Prinja, H. Grady Hughes


Monte Carlo Modeling of the Elekta Precise Linear Accelerator: Validation of Dose Distribution in a Heterogeneous Water Phantom
B. Juste, M.E. Mota, R. Miró, S. Gallardo, G. Verdú


The Use of Monte Carlo Simulation in Improving Reconstruction Quality in Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography
Mingshan Sun, Jasmina L. Vujic, Bruce H. Hasegawa


A Computational Dosimetric Comparison Between MCNPX and ATTILA of the Mammosite Radiation Therapy System
J.J. Bergman, T.S. Palmer


Impact of Importance Quality in Coupled Electron-Photon-Positron Simulation Using Splitting/Rouletting VR Techniques
Benoit Dionne, Alireza Haghighat




Parallel Oral Session 1C: High Performance Computing


Experiences Applying Unicore Grid Middleware for Nuclear Simulation Tools Like the 3D Reactor Core Model QUABOX/CUBBOX
A. Geiger, J. Luther, G. Ohme, S. Langenbuch, K. Velkov


Unstructured 3D Core Calculations with the Descartes System: Application to the JHR Research Reactor
Anne-Marie Baudron, Christoph Döderlein, Pierre Guérin, Jean-Jacques Lautard, Frederic Moreau


Computational Physics of Photon Science
Mitsuru Yamagiwa, Sergei Bulanov, Timur Esirkepov, James Koga, Tomohito Otobe, Toshiki Tajima


A Methodology of Structural Analysis for Nuclear Power Plant Size of Assembly Structure
M. Tani, N. Nakajima, A. Nishida, Y. Suzuki, H. Matsubara, F. Araya, N. Kushida, O. Hazama, K. Kawasaki


Wave Propagation Algorithms and Adaptive Mesh Refinement for CFD Simulations of Potential Hydrogen Explosions in Nuclear Containment Structures
D. Calhoun, H. Paillere




Parallel Oral Session 2A: Computational Materials Science: Dislocation Modeling


The Motion of Dislocations in Irradiated Materials
Ming Wen, Akiyuki Takahashi, Nasr M. Ghoniem


Atomic-Scale Modeling of Dislocation Dynamics in Environment of Radiation Defects
Yu. N. Osetsky, R.E. Stoller, David J. Bacon


Molecular Dynamics and Quasi-Two Dimensional Dislocation Dynamics Simulations on the Orowan Pinning Mechanism of a Mixed Dislocation in FCC Metals
Mitsuo Itakura, Tomoko Kadoyoshi, Hideo Kaburaki


Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Study and Experimental Validation of the Dislocation – Dispersoids Interactions in PM2000
B. Bako, D. Weygand, M. Samaras, J.-C. Chen, M. Pouchon, W. Hoffelner, P. Gumbsch


Brownian Motion of Mesoscopic Dislocation Loops
S.L. Dudarev




Parallel Oral Session 2B: Computational Thermal Hydraulics


Large Eddy Simulation of Wire Wrapped Fuel Pins I: Hydrodynamics in a Periodic Array
Paul Fischer, James Lottes, Andrew Siegel, Giuseppe Palmiotti


A One and Two Dimensional PCICE Based Multiphysics Algorithm for Use in Reactor Core Calculations
Lander Ibarra, Brian Lockwood, Cassiano R.E. de Oliveira


Coupled BWR Calculations with the Numerical Nuclear Reactor Software System
T. Sofu, J.W. Thomas, D.P. Weber, W.D. Pointer, T.J. Downar


The Need for All-Speed Flow Models for Density Driven Flows in Reactor Safety Simulation
D.A. Knoll, R.A. Berry, R.C. Martineau, V.A. Mousseau


A Demonstration of Conjugate Heat Transfer and Neutron Transport Coupling for an Axisymmetric Gas-Cooled Reactor
Richard Martineau, Glen Hansen, HyeongKae Park, Cassiano de Oliveira




Parallel Oral Session 2C: High Performance Computing


PNFE Component of the UNIC Code
M.A. Smith, G. Palmiotti, C. Rabiti, D. Kaushik, A. Siegel, B. Smith, E.E. Lewis


Some Experiments Using Preconditioning Techniques and Second-Order Iterative Methods for the Resolution of the 3D Transient Neutron Diffusion Equation
O. Flores, V. Vidal, G. Verdu, R. Miro


Study on the Acceleration of the Neutronics Calculation Based on GPGPU
Yasunori Ohoka, Masahiro Tatsumi


High Accuracy Large Scale Monte Carlo and Deterministic Transport Calculations for Critical Systems
S. Langenbuch, A. Seubert, W. Zwermann


Comparison of Linear and Quadratic Discontinuous Spatial Finite Element Methods for Parallel SN Transport on Triangles
Jae H. Chang, James S. Warsa




Parallel Oral Session 3A: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Discrete Ordinates


A Quantitative Theory of Angular Truncation Errors in 3-D Discrete Ordinates Calculations
Edward W. Larsen, Allan B. Wollaber


Krylov Iterative Methods and Synthetic Acceleration for Transport in Binary Statistical Media
Erin D. Fichtl, James S. Warsa, Anil K. Prinja


Coarse Mesh Rebalance Acceleration Revisited: Krylov Preconditioning
Han Jong Yoo, Nam Zin Cho


Subcell SN Sweeping for Meshes with Reentrant Cells
Frederick N. Gleicher, James S. Warsa, Jim E. Morel, Anil K. Prinja


Solution Algorithms for a PN-1-Equivalent SN Angular Discretization of the Transport Equation in One-Dimensional Spherical Coordinates
James S. Warsa, Jim E. Morel


Nonlinear Weighted Flux Methods for Particle Transport Problems in 2D Cartesian Geometry
Loren Roberts, Dmitriy Y. Anistratov




Parallel Oral Session 3B: Computational Thermal Hydraulics


Eulerian Two-Phase Computational Fluid Dynamics for Boiling Water Reactor Core Analysis
W. David Pointer, Adrian Tentner, Tanju Sofu, David Weber, Simon Lo, Andrew Splawski


Extension of the PCICE-FEM Method to Homogeneous, Equilibrium Two-Phase Flow
Ray A. Berry, Richard C. Martineau


Direct Numerical Simulation of Boiling Multiphase Flows: State of the Art Modeling, Algorithmic and Computer Needs
R. Nourgaliev, D. Knoll, V. Mousseau, R. Berry


A Parallel Interface Capture Method for Compressible Flows with the TRITON Code
Samuel Kokh


Simulation of Chaotic ABC Flow Using Parallel Modified Nodal Integral Method
Suneet Singh, Rizwan Uddin


Numerical Simulation of Sidewall Effects on the Acoustic Field of Transonic Cavity Flow
Zhisong Li, Debashis Basu, Awatef Hamed




Parallel Oral Session 3C: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Monte Carlo II


Improved Implicit Monte Carlo Schemes Based on the Difference Formulation
Richard P. Smedley-Stevenson


A Fokker-Planck Method for Modeling Compton Scattering in Implicit Monte Carlo Simulations
Jeffery D. Densmore, James S. Warsa, Jim E. Morel


Transition and Collision Biasing in a Variance Reduction Scheme for Criticality Calculations
Stavros Christoforou, J. Eduard Hoogenboom


General Tally Support and Post Processing in a Modern Monte Carlo Transport Code
M. Scott McKinley


Particle Population Diagnostics in Iterated-Source Monte Carlo Methods
Taro Ueki


The MC21 Monte Carlo Transport Code
T.M. Sutton, T.J. Donovan, T.H. Trumbull, P.S. Dobreff, E. Caro, D.P. Griesheimer, L.J. Tyburski, D.C. Carpenter, H. Joo




Plenary Session 2: Nuclear Energy Across the Globe


On the Role of Validated Simulations Within the European Nuclear Fission Technology Platform
Dan Gabriel Cacuci


Status of Nuclear Power Program in Far-Eastern Asian Countries
Chang Hyo Kim


Advances in Monte Carlo Methods for Global Reactor Analysis
William Martin




Parallel Oral Session 4A: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Diffusion Theory


Calculation of the Eigenfunctions and Corresponding Eigenvalues of the Two-Group Diffusion Equation in Heterogeneous Systems
C. Demazičre, C. Sunde


Performance of the Diffusion and Simplified PN Theories for BWR Pin-by-Pin Fine Mesh Core Analyses
Akio Yamamoto, Kenichi Tada, Yasunori Kitamra, Yoshihiro Yamane, Masato Watanabe, Hiroshi Noda


Goal-Oriented hp-Mesh Adaptation for 1-D Multigroup Diffusion Equations
Yaqi Wang, Jean Ragusa


Flux-Limited Diffusion Coefficients in Reactor Physics Applications
Justin Pounders, Farzad Rahnema, Ronaldo Szilard


3D Whole Core Fine Mesh Multigroup Diffusion Calculations by Domain Decomposition Through Alternate Dissections
José-Javier Herrero, Carol Ahnert, Jose-Maria Aragones




Parallel Oral Session 4B: Nuclear Reactor Analysis


Modeling and Simulation Needs for Future Generation Reactors
H.S. Khalil


High-Fidelity Lattice Physics Capabilities of the SCALE Code System Using TRITON
Mark D. DeHart, Ian C. Gauld, Mark L. Williams


New Modelling of LWR Assemblies Using the Apollo2 Code Package
J.F. Vidal, O. Litaize, D. Bernard, A. Santamarina, C. Vaglio-Gaudard, R. Tran


The ARTEMIS Core Simulator: A Central Component in AREVA NP's Code Convergence Project
Andreas Pautz, Hans-Wilhelm Bolloni, Karl-Albert Breith, Rene van Geemert, Jochen Heinecke, Greg Hobson, Stephan Merk, Baptiste Pothet, Florin Curca-Tivig


Experience in Simulation of Startup Measurements in the VVER-440 Reactor Using the KIKO3D Code
Gy. Hegyi, A. Keresztúri, Cs. Maráczy




Parallel Oral Session 4C: Computational Materials Science: Radiation Damage & Fe-Cr Alloys


Modeling of Irradiation Damage Effects on the Ductility of Metals
A. Arsenlis, B.D. Wirth, W.G. Wolfer


Simulations of Radiation Collision Cascades in Dense Nuclear Materials
K. Nordlund, C. Björkas, N. Juslin, K. Vörtler, L. Malerba, D. Terentyev


Bridging Molecular Dynamics and Kinetic Monte Carlo in Modelling Nuclear Materials
Naoki Soneda, Akiyoshi Nomoto, Akiyuki Takahashi


Thermodynamic Properties of FeCr Potentials and Simulation of Radiation Damage in FeCr
Carolina Björkas


Heterogeneous Precipitation in FeCr Alloys
M. Caro, A. Caro




Parallel Oral Session 5A: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Kinetics and Time-Dependence


Asymptotic Analysis of Time-Dependent Neutron Transport Coupled with Isotopic Depletion and Radioactive Decay
Patrick S. Brantley


A Multi-Scale Approach for the Neutronic Kinetics Equations Using the Mixed Dual Solver MINOS
S. Chauvet, A. Nachaoui, A.M. Baudron, J.J. Lautard


Investigation of the Validity of the Point-Kinetic Approximation and of the Break-Frequency Method in 2-D Subcritical Systems
C. Sunde, C. Demaziere, I. Pázsit


High Resolution Time Integration for the Spherical Harmonics Equations
Ryan G. McClarren, James Paul Holloway


Treatments of Time-Derivatives of Neutron Kinetics Equation for Sub-Critical System with Neutron Source and Monte Carlo Calculation
Hiroshi Sekimoto, Kohei Iwanaga, Takamasa Mori


Analytical Benchmarks for the Kinetics of Accelerator-Driven Systems
S. Dulla, P. Ravetto, P. Picca, D. Tomatis, J.R. Maiorino, T. Carluccio, A. Antunes, A. Santos, F. de Oliveira , R.S. Santos




Parallel Oral Session 5B: Nuclear Reactor Analysis


UNIC: Ultimate Neutronic Investigation Code
G. Palmiotti, M. Smith, C. Rabiti, M. Leclere, D. Kaushik, A. Siegel, B. Smith, E.E. Lewis


Use of the APOLLO2 Code for BWR Assembly Analysis
Laure Mondelain, Igor Zmijarevic, Jean Michel Do, Veronique Bellanger


The Doppler Defect Benchmark: Overview and Summary of Results
Russell D. Mosteller


Simplification of Multi-Group Cross-Section Processing for Large Depletion Calculations in TRITON
Mark D. DeHart


TRITON/NEWT Calculation of the CORAIL Assembly for Plutonium Recycling in PWR
Francesco Ganda, Miodrag Milosevic, Ehud Greenspan, Temitope Taiwo


Full MOX ABWR Neutron Characterization with Void Increase: The FUBILA Program
P. Blaise, N. Thiollay, N. Huot, P. Fougeras, V. Laval, A. Roche




Parallel Oral Session 5C: High Performance Computing


Dynamic Load Balancing of Parallel Monte Carlo Transport Calculations Via Spatial Redecomposition
Matthew J. O'Brien


Load Balancing Strategy for Radiation Transport Code EVENT
Aliva Pattnaik, Cassiano R. E. de Oliveira


Computer Simulation of Bubble Formation
Z. Insepov, T. Bazhirov, G. Norman, V. Stegailov


Domain Decomposition Methods for Core Calculations Using the MINOS Solver
Pierre Guerin, Anne-Marie Baudron, Jean-Jacques Lautard


Improved Parallelization of the Modular Ray Tracing in the Method of Characteristics Code DeCart
B. Kochunas, T.J. Downar, Mohamed Sayeed, J.W. Thomas


Osiris: A Modern, High-Performance, Coupled, Multi-Physics Code For Nuclear Reactor Core Analysis
Richard Procassini, Kyle Chand, Christopher Clouse, Robert Ferencz, Jeffrey Grandy, William Henshaw, Kevin Kramer, Dennis Parsons




Poster Session I: Computational Materials Science


Characteristics of Self-Point Defects and Their Anisotropy Migration in Elastic Stress Fields of Dislocations in FCC Pu
N.A. Dubasova, V.M. Chernov, A.B. Sivak


Energetic, Kinetic and Crystallographic Characteristics of Self-Point Defects in Vanadium and Iron Crystals
A.B. Sivak, V.M. Chernov, V.A. Romanov


First Principles Calculations on the Grain Boundary Decohesion of Iron and Nickel by Oxygen
Masatake Yamaguchi, Hideo Kaburaki


Materials in Extreme Conditions the Critical Phenomena and Phase Transfer in the Dynamic Destruction
A.Ya Uchaev, V.T. Punin, N.I. Selchenkova, E.V. Kosheleva


Mechanical Stresses in Fuel Particles and Graphite of High Temperature Reactors
B. Boer, A.M. Ougouag, G.K. Miller, J.L. Kloosterman


Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Local Environment Dependence of Self-Interstitial Atom Diffusion in BCC Fe-Cr Alloys
Chao Jiang, S.G. Srivilliputhur, A. Caro, M. Caro, S. Maloy


Self-Point Defects Characteristics and Their Dependence on <1120> {0001} Dislocation Stress Field in Alpha-Zr
D.A. Chulkin, V.M. Chernov, A.B. Sivak


Stability of Uncommon Interstitials in Fe
D. Terentyev, L. Malerba, P. Klaver, F. Willaime


The Universal Properties of Metals Behavior in the Dynamic Destruction Phenomenon in a Wide Range of Longevity Under the Influence of High-Power Pulses of Radiation
V.T. Punin, A.Ya. Uchaev, N.I. Selchenkova, L.A. Platonova, E.V. Kosheleva


Heterogeneous Precipitation in Fe-Cu Alloys
P. Erhart, M. Caro, A. Caro


Computational Analysis of Neutron-Absorbing Structural-Amorphous Metal (SAM) Coatings for Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Container to Enhance Criticality Safety Controls
Jor-Shan Choi, Chuck Lee, Dan Day, Mark Wall, Cheng Saw, Joe Farmer, Moe Boussoufi, Ben Liu, Hal Egbert




Poster Session I: Nuclear Reactor Analysis


Computational Benchmark of the Doppler Reactivity Defect
Jeremy L. Conlin


ENDF/B-V, ENDF/B-VI, and ENDF/B-VII.0 Results for the Doppler-Defect Benchmark
Russell D. Mosteller


DRAGON Evaluation of the Benchmark for the Doppler Reactivity Defect
J. Le Mer, G. Marleau


Application of SUHAM-U Code for Calculation of the Computational Benchmarks for the Doppler Reactivity Defect
V.F. Boyarinov, N.V. Sultanov


Analysis of Doppler Reactivity Benchmark
Suhail Ahmad Khan, R. Karthikeyan, V. Jagannathan


Doppler Coefficient of Reactivity - Benchmark Calculations for Different Enrichments of UO2
L. Thilagam, C. Sunil Sunny, K.V. Subbaiah, K. Devan, Young-Seok Lee, V. Jagannathan


KENO Continuous Energy Calculations for a Suite of Computational Benchmarks for the Doppler Reactivity Defect
Mark D. DeHart, Sedat Goluoglu, Michael E. Dunn




Poster Session I: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport


Optimal Perturbation Size for Matrix Free Newton/Krylov Methods
Yunlin Xu, Thomas J. Downar


Earthquakes and Pebble Bed Reactors: Time-Dependent Densification
Abderrafi M. Ougouag, Joshua J. Cogliati


Analysis of the Quasidiffusion Method on Two-Dimensional Problems with Spatially Periodic Media
Adrian Constantinescu, Dmitriy Y. Anistratov


Reconstruction of the Local Neutron-Physical Functionals in Surface Harmonics Method
V.F. Boyarinov, V.A. Nevinitsa


High Power Gamma Ray Source by Radiation Damping
James Koga, Mitsuru Yamagiwa


Automatic Differentiation with Code Coupling and Applications to SCALE Modules
Bradley T. Rearden, James E. Horwedel


Using Homogenized Macroscopic Group Cross Sections in Continuous-Energy Monte Carlo Neutron Transport Calculations with MCNP
J.C. Kuijper, S.C. van der Marcj, A. Hogenbirk


Feasibility of Using a Universal Point Wise Energy Grid or a Very Fine Multi-Group Energy Grid in MORET5 Criticality Calculations
Joachim Miss, Olivier Jacquet, Benoit Forestier, Wim Haeck, Bernard Verboomen


An Easy Way to Carry Out 3D Uncertainty Analyses
Alfred Hogenbirk


Analytical Solution of a Simplified Transport Problem with Continuous Energy for Testing Monte Carlo Procedures
J. Eduard Hoogenboom


VHTR Numerical Benchmark Based on the Compact Nuclear Power Source Experiments
Hyung-Kook Joo, Temitope A. Taiwo, Won Sik Yang


A P1 Benchmark for Time Dependent Thermal Radiative Transfer
Ryan G. McClarren, James Paul Holloway, Thomas A. Brunner




Parallel Oral Session 6A: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Characteristics, Diffusion, Transport, and Hybrid Methods


A Hybrid Monte Carlo-Diffusion Method for Radiation Transport on Adaptive Mesh Refinement-Type Meshes
Jeffery D. Densmore, Thomas M. Evans, Michael W. Buksas


A Hybrid Block-Oriented Discrete Ordinates and Characteristics Method Algorithm for Solving Linear Boltzmann Equation
Ce Yi, Alireza Haghighat


A New Paradigm for Whole Core Neutron Transport Without Homogenization
E.E. Lewis, M.A. Smith, G. Palmiotti


Singular Characteristic Tracking Algorithm for Improved Solution Accuracy of the Discrete Ordinates Method with Isotropic Scattering
Jose I. Duo, Yousry Y. Azmy


The Analytical Solution to the Multigroup Diffusion Equation in One-Dimensional Plane, Cylindrical and Spherical Geometries
B.D Ganapol




Parallel Oral Session 6B: Nuclear Reactor Analysis


Application of Nodal Equivalence Parameters for Prismatic VHTR Core Analysis
C.H. Lee, Z. Zhong, T.A. Taiwo, W.S. Yang, H.K. Joo


Neutronics Assessment of Stringer Fuel Assembly Designs for the Liquid-Salt-Cooled Very High Temperature Reactor (LS-VHTR)
F.J. Szakaly, T.K. Kim, T.A. Taiwo


Monte Carlo Equilibrium Cycle Analysis of a Deep-Burn MHR Core Charged with Kernel-Based TRISO Fuel
Yonghee Kim, Francesco Venneri


Determination of the Equilibrium Composition of Cores with Continuous Fuel Feed and Removal Using MOCUP
Massimiliano Fratoni, Ehud Greenspan


Sensitivity Analysis of the Kinetic Behaviour of a Gas Cooled Fast Reactor to Variations of the Delayed Neutron Parameters
W.F.G. van Rooijen, D. Lathouwers




Parallel Oral Session 6C: Computational Materials Science


Radiation Interaction Analysis for BWR Channel Shadow Corrosion
Ren-Tai Chiang, Aylin Yilmazbayhan


Experimental Benchmarking of Pu Electronic Structure
J.G. Tobin


A Numerical Investigation of the LLNL/AWE/CEA Fragmentation Experiments on HELEN
C.S. Debonnel, J.L. Vierne, F. Bonneau, P. Combis


A Three-Dimensional Meso-Scale Modeling for Helium Bubble Growth in Metals
Tomoaki Suzudo, Hideo Kaburaki, Eiichi Wakai


Synthesis and Performance of Fe-Based Amorphous Alloys for Nuclear Repository Applications
Larry Kaufman, J.H. Perepezko, K Hildal




Parallel Oral Session 7A: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Cross Sections and Uncertainties


Generation of Multi-Group Cross Sections and Scattering Matrices with the Monte Carlo Code MCNP5
J. Eduard Hoogenboom, Vladimir A. Khotylev, John M. Tholammakkil


Generation of Subgroup Weights Employing Shielded Cross Section Conservation Principle for Representative Pin Cells
Leonid Pogosbekyan, Han Gyu Joo, Chang Hyo Kim, Kang Seog Kim


Evaluation of BWR Core Attributes Uncertainties due to Multigroup Cross Section Uncertainties
Matthew A. Jessee, Hany S. Abdel-Khalik, Paul J. Turinsky


ENDF/B-VII.0, ENDF/B-VI, JEFF-3.1, and JENDL-3.3 Results for Unreflected Plutonium Solutions and MOX Lattices
Russell D. Mosteller


Effects of Uncertainties in Lead Cross Section Data in Monte Carlo Analysis of Lead Cooled and Reflected Reactors
Miodrag Milosevic, Ehud Greenspan, Jasmina Vujic




Parallel Oral Session 7B: Nuclear Reactor Analysis


Investigations on the Migration Mode Method (MMM) for Reactor Calculations
Aldo Dall'Osso, Augusto Gandini, Rossella Rotella


A PWR Assembly Computational Scheme Based on the DRAGON v4 Lattice Code
R. Le Tellier, A. Hebert


The Calculation of Resonance Parameters for the DeCART MOC Code
Yunlin Xu, Zhenjia Gao, Thomas Downar


LPPF Prediction in a BWR Fuel Lattice Using Artificial Neural Networks
Jose L. Montes, Juan J. Ortiz, Juan L. François, Cecilia M. Martín-del-Campo


BWR Stability and Bifurcation Analysis Using a Novel Reduced Order Model (Impact of Model Modifications)
C. Lange, D. Hennig, V. Garcia i Llorens




Parallel Oral Session 7C: Computational Materials Science


Advances in the Density Functional Calculations of Structures and Dynamics of Defects in Nuclear Materials
C. Domain


Stability and Mobility of Self-Interstitial Atoms and their Clusters in Fe-Cr Alloys: An Atomic-Level Study
D.A. Terentyev, L. Malerba, P. Klaver, P. Olsson


Finite-Temperature Simulation Based on the Lanczos Algorithm for Low-Dimensional Strongly Correlated Electron Systems; High-Temperature Superconducting Cuprates
Toru Sakai


Ab Initio Determination of Cr Interactions with Point Defects in BCC Fe
P. Olsson, C. Domain, J. Wallenius


Parallel Kinetic Monte Carlo
E. Martinez, J. Marian, M. Kalos




Parallel Oral Session 8A: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Nodal and Characteristic Methods


Advanced Transverse Integration for the Method of Characteristics
Francois Fevotte, Simone Santandrea, Richard Sanchez


A Nodal Expansion Method for Solving the Multigroup SP3-Equations in the Reactor Code DYN3D
C. Beckert, U. Grundmann


Axial Dependence of Homogenized Cross Sections Used for Nodal Analysis of the Boiling Water Reactor
B. Kochunas, M. Hursin, T.J. Downar, C. Glass


Spectral Green's Function Linear-Nodal Method for Monoenergetic X,Y-Geometry External Source Discrete Ordinates Problems
Dany S. Dominguez, Ricardo C. Barros


An Unstructured Characteristics Scheme with a Linear Expansion for Both Fluxes and Cross Sections
Simone Santandrea, Pierre Bellier


A Method of Characteristics Solution to the OECD/NEA 3D Neutron Transport Benchmark Problem
J. Bryce Taylor, Dave Knott, Anthony J. Baratta




Parallel Oral Session 8B: Nuclear Reactor Analysis


Benchmarking WIMS/RFSP Against Measurement Data of Wolsong Nuclear Power Plants
Chang Je Park, Hangbok Choi


Optimization Procedure for Radial BWR Fuel Lattice Design Using Genetic Algorithms
C. Martin-del-Campo, R. Carmona, I.P. Oropeza, J.L. François, M.A. Palomera


Comparison of Two-Step Diffusion Solutions and Monte Carlo Solutions to a Doubly Heterogeneous PBMR-400 Problem
Hyun Chul Lee, Kang-Seog Kim, Jae Man Noh


Neutronic Analysis on a Low Enriched Uranium Coupled Reactor Consisting of Pulse Cores and a Laser Module
Hiroki Takezawa, Toru Obara


Degradation Monitoring in IRIS Steam Generators
Bulent Alpay, James Paul Holloway, John C. Lee


Implementation of Component Concept in Silene 2D/3D Pre & Post Processing GUI
Zarko Stankovski




Parallel Oral Session 8C: Nuclear Methods for Nonproliferation


Pulse-Shape Discrimination for Identification of Neutron Sources Using the BC-501A Liquid Scintillator
M. Scott Flaska, S.A. Pozzi


A Sequential Least Squares Algorithm for Neutron Spectrum Unfolding from Pulse-Height Distributions Measured with Liquid Scintillators
Yunlin Xu, Marek Flaska, Sara Pozzi, Vladimir Protopopescu, Thomas Downar


Simulation of Cargo Container Interrogation by D-D Neutrons
Tak Pui Lou, Arlyn Antolak


Benchmarking of Monte Carlo Simulations of Thermal Neutron Kinetics and Differential Die-Away Analysis
K.A. Jordan, T. Gozani, J. Vujic


Photonuclear Physics Models, Simulations and Experiments for Nuclear Nonproliferation
Shaun Clarke, Thomas Downar, Sara Pozzi, Marek Flaska, John Mihalczo, Enrico Padovani, Alan Hunt


Monte Carlo Models of Neutron Detection with Organic Scintillators
Sara A. Pozzi, Marek Flaska, Imre Pazsit, Andreas Enqvist




Poster Session II: Computational Medical Applications


Evaluation of a Heterogeneous Coarse Mesh Photon Transport Method Using a Simplified Lung Model
Megan Satterfield, Farzad Rahnema, Dingkang Zhang, Tim Fox


Fast Dose Planning Monte Carlo Simulations in Inhomogeneous Phantoms Submerged in Uniform, Static Magnetic Fields
Ricardo Yanez, James F. Dempsey


Simulation of Electron and Photon Transport Through Tumorous and Surrounding Tissues with 3D Monte Carlo Codes
Y.Z. Kandiev, A.A. Malakhov, S.I. Samarin, E.V. Serova, S.G. Spirina




Poster Session II: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport


A Data Analysis Code for MCNP Mesh and Standard Tallies
Kenneth A. Van Riper


Multi-Group Nondiffusion Neutron-Physical Characteristics of the Nuclear Reactor Cell with Axial Symmetry
Tamara Poveschenko


A Novel Source Convergence Acceleration Scheme for Monte Carlo Criticality Calculations, Part II: Implementation and Results
Bryan E. Toth, David P. Griesheimer


Convergence Testing for MCNP5 Monte Carlo Eigenvalue Calculations
Forrest Brown, Brian Nease, Jesse Cheatham


A Monte Carlo Method for Calculating Initiation Probability
Gregory Greenman, Richard Procassini, Christopher Clouse


New Capabilities in Mercury: A Modern Monte Carlo Particle Transport Code
Richard Procassini, Dermott Cullen, Gregory Greenman, Christian Hagmann, Kevin Kramer, Scott McKinley, Matthew O'Brien, Janine Taylor


A k-eff Search Capability in MC21
R.E. Morrow, T.H. Trumbull, T.J. Donovan, T.M. Sutton


Interpolation Methods and Splice Options for Three-Dimensional Transport Calculations Using PARTISN
Matthew A. Jessee, Carl E. Yehnert


Fourier Analysis of Parallel Block-Jacobi Splitting with Transport Synthetic Acceleration in Two-Dimensional Geometry
Massimiliano Rosa, James S. Warsa, Jae H. Chang


Treatment of the Central Singularity in the Conformal Mapping Approach to the Analytic Nodal Method in Cylindrical Geometry
Rian H. Prinsloo, Djordje I. Tomasevic


Multi-Dimensional Automatic Mesh Refinement for the Multigroup SPN Equations
Yaqi Wang, Jean Ragusa


Development and Performance of the Analytic Nodal Diffusion Solver "ANDES" in Multigroups for 3D Rectangular Geometry
Juan-Andres Lozano, José M. Aragonés, Nuria García-Herranz


The LTSN Exponential Nodal Method for One-Speed XY-Geometry Discrete Ordinates Problems in Heterogeneous Media
Eliete Biasotto Hauser, Marco Tullio Vilhena, Ricardo C. Barros


Comparison of Different Shielding Materials Used at Proton Accelerators and Cost-Benefit Analysis
Vahagn Nazaryan, Cynthia E. Keppel


Monte Carlo Particle Transport Capability for Inertial Confinement Fusion Applications
Patrick S. Brantley, Linda M. Stuart


Reactor Physics Characterization of Transmutation Targeting Options in a Sodium Fast Reactor
Samuel E. Bays




Poster Session II: Numerical Methods and Software Architecture for Multiphysics Simulations


The Multi-Physics User-Friendly Gas-Dynamics Code Visual Tsunami 2.0
C.S. Debonnel, L. Trubov, C.A. Zeballos, P.F. Peterson


Software Design of SHARP
A. Siegel, T. Tautges, A. Caceres, D. Kaushik, P. Fischer, G. Palmiotti, M. Smith, J. Ragusa


PIC-MCC Simulation of the Electrical Breakdown in a Plasma Focus Device
M. Frignani, G. Grasso, F. Rocchi, M. Sumini




Poster Session II: Nuclear Methods for Nonproliferation


Analytical and Numerical Modelling of the Detection Statistics of Emission from a Fissile Sample with Absorption
Andreas Enqvist, Imre Pazsit, Sara Pozzi




Poster Session II: Nuclear Reactor Analysis


A New Strategy for Optimal Fuel Core Loading Pattern Design in PWR Nuclear Power Reactors
Niloofar Mohseni, Mehrdad Boroushaki, Mohammad B. Ghofrani, Mohammad H. Raji


A Populational Particle Collision Algorithm Applied to a Nuclear Reactor Core Design Optimization
Wagner F. Sacco, Hermes Alves Filho, Cassiano R.E. de Oliveira


An Algorithm for Efficient Computation of Multi-Layer Neutron Reflection and Transmission Conditions
Marcos P. de Abreu


Cross-Section Parameterization Using Quasi-Regression Approach
Pavel M. Bokov, Rian Prinsloo


Program CSA-3 of Reloading Pattern Optimization in Three-Dimensional Module
Bingheng Wang, Zhihong Liu, Gong Shi, Yongming Hu


Reactivity Oscillations in Molten Salt Reactors
S. Dulla, C. Nicolino, P. Ravetto




Plenary Session 3: National Ignition Facility and Forefront of High-Performance Computing in Nuclear Systems


The National Ignition Facility: Fusion Ignition in the Laboratory and New Frontiers in High Energy Density Science
Ed Moses


Improving Nuclear Power Economics Via Utilization of High Performance Computing
Paul Turinsky


High Performance Computing in Nuclear Systems: Lessons Learned from Some Recent LWR Applications
Thomas Downar




Parallel Oral Session 9A: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Sensitivity, Perturbations, and Optimization


New Maximum keff Search Options for "SMORES"
Y. Karni, E. Greenspan


Stochastic Finite-Element Approximation of the Parametric Dependence of Eigenvalue Problem Solution
Mihai Anitescu, Giuseppe Palmiotti, Won-Sik Yang, Monika Neda


Nonlinear Reactor Control Using the Power Derivative in Feedback and Multiple Time-Scale Analysis
James Paul Holloway


Development of Higher-Order Perturbation Approaches Based on Adaptive Euler-Lagrange Fields
Rene van Geemert


Using the Levenberg-Marquardt Method for the Solution of Inverse Transport Problems with Scattering
Keith C. Bledsoe, Jeffrey A. Favorite




Parallel Oral Session 9B: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Stochastic Considerations in Particle Transport I


A Derivation of Akcasu's "MLP" Equations for 1-D Particle Transport in Stochastic Media
Edward W. Larsen, Anil K. Prinja


A Critique of the Modified Levermore-Pomraning Model
Richard Sanchez


Mean Propagation Kernels for Transport in Correlated Stochastic Media at Unresolved Scales, Illustration with a Problem in Atmospheric Radiation
Anthony Davis


A Generalized Boltzmann Equation for "Non-Classical" Particle Transport
Edward W. Larsen


Stochastic Averaging of Cross Section Uncertainty in Transport
Anil K. Prinja, Erin D. Fichtl




Parallel Oral Session 9C: Computational Methods in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle


A Challenge for Computing in the 21st Century: Radwaste Knowledge Management
Hiroyuki Umeki


Radionuclide Transport Calculations from High-Level Long-Lived Radioactive Waste Disposal in Deep Clayed Geologic Formation Toward Adjacent Aquifers
Alain Genty, Christophe Le Potier


High Performance FVFE Multidomain Numerical Method to Perform Radionuclides Transport Calculations
M. Dymitrowska, M. Bourgeois, G. Mathieu


Uncertainty Analysis of Multiple Canister Repository Model by Large-Scale Calculation
Keiichi Tsujimoto, Hiroshi Okuda, Joonhong Ahn


Sensitivity of Repository Thermal-Hydrological-Chemical Simulations to Choice of Numerical Algorithm
S.L. Painter, J. Myers, L. Sabido, A. Sun




Parallel Oral Session 10A: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Analytical Benchmarks


The Analytical Benchmark Library for Nuclear Engineering Applications (Case Studies in Neutron Transport Theory)
Barry Ganapol


Parallel PENTRAN Solutions of the "TIEL" Steady State Neutron Transport Benchmark Problems
M. Ghita, G.E. Sjoden, G. Ghita


Matrix Albedo for Discrete Ordinates Infinite-Medium Boundary Condition
Kirk Matthews, James Dishaw


Verification of the Coupled Space-Angle Adaptivity Algorithm for the Finite Element-Spherical Harmonics Method Via the Method of Manufactured Solutions
Hyeong Kae Park, Cassiano R. E. de Oliveira


An Embedded Semi-Analytical Benchmark Via Iterative Interpolation for Neutron Transport Methods Verification
B.D. Ganapol, K.T. Clarno, Seth Johnson, Cassiano de Oliveira, Steven Hamilton




Parallel Oral Session 10B: Computational Reactor Physics and Particle Transport: Stochastic Considerations in Particle Transport II


Joint Moments of Neutron Number and Medium State in a Time-Varying Multiplying Medium
Yasunori Kitamura, Imre Pazsit, Akio Yamamoto, Yoshihiro Yamane


Calculation of the Pulse Height Distribution Induced by Fast Neutrons in a Scintillation Detector
Andreas Enqvist, Imre Pazsit, Sara Pozzi


Monte Carlo Simulation of VHTR Particle Fuel with Chord Length Sampling
Wei Ji, William R. Martin


Randomly Dispersed Particle Fuel Model in the PSG Monte Carlo Neutron Transport Code
Jaakko Leppanen


Stochastic Geometry in PRIZMA Code
G.N. Malyshkin, E.A. Kashaeva, R.F. Mukhamadiev




Parallel Oral Session 10C: Numerical Methods and Software Architecture for Multiphysics Simulations


An Overview of Mesh Generation Technology Applied to Reactor Core Analysis
Glen Hansen


Application of High-Order Implicit Schemes for Nonlinear Multi-Physics Simulations
Vijay Mahadevan, Jean Ragusa


Implicit Monte Carlo Methods for Coupled Three-Temperatures Transport
T.M. Evans, J.D. Densmore


LWR Multi-Physics Developments and Applications Within the Framework of the NURESIM European Project
O. Zerkak, P. Coddington, N. Crouzet, E. Royer, J. Jiminez, D. Cuervo


The PCICE Algorithm Coupled with Implicit Conjugate Heat Transfer for Reactor Simulations
Richard Martineau


Shock Wave Solutions for Radiation Hydrodynamics
Robert B. Lowrie, Jarrod D. Edwards








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