Dear Participant,

On behalf of the organizing committee of MC 2011 we welcome you to the conference and to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are honored to have the opportunity of hosting the world’s leading computational nuclear science conference. Like elsewhere in the world, nuclear energy is also experiencing a renaissance in South America, and we hope that bringing the conference to Brazil will provide added impetus and motivation to the continent’s computational nuclear scientists for the development of advanced modeling and simulation tools for the design and safe operation of new nuclear reactors.

The conference also celebrates two landmarks in nuclear energy: 60 years of the first production of electricity by EBR-I and 10 years of commercial operation of the Angra-2 reactor in Brazil. Both endeavors benefitted to a great extent from numerical and mathematical methods of analysis, and they in turn have provided valuable validation for further development of these tools.

The conference interdisciplinary program, comprising more than 260 papers presented over 4 days, reflects the state-of-the-art of applied computational nuclear science. We are pleased to acknowledge that over a third of these papers involve the participation of students which heralds a bright future for the field of applied modeling and simulation.

Organizing an event like this involves considerable effort and dedication, and we are grateful to all those who gave their time and input to ensure a successful conference. Particular appreciation goes to the Latin American Section of the American Nuclear Society for its leading organizing role and to TDN EVENTOS for conference logistics. We also recognize and thank the help of ABEN and ABACC as well as the financial support of Brazil’s Federal Government through CNPq, Rio de Janeiro’s State Government through FAPERJ, Brazilian Nuclear Industries - INB and Eletronuclear.

Lastly, we thank you for your participation, and we hope you enjoy the presentations and discussions, as well as your stay in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Best regards,